Ron Thomas
July 28, 2015

ThomasRonald L. Thomas, Fellow of the American Institute of Certified Planners and CT&PP Research Associate on Urban Planning and Transportation, is Director of Planning at HGOR, a planning firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. An expert on regional planning innovation, infrastructure planning, green infrastructure, smart growth, sustainable development and the use of leading-edge technology in consultative, community-based placemaking, Mr. Thomas is an instructor in planning at the University of Georgia’s College of Environment and Design and editor of the American Planning Association (APA) national newsletter on regional and intergovernmental policy. He has conducted training APA workshops, is a member of the board of the APA Regional and Intergovernmental Division, has served as an APA peer review juror, and has represented American thought on Regional sustainability at the United Nations.

As executive director of the Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission, Mr. Thomas led numerous planning jurisdictions in joint policymaking for transportation systems, land use around mass transit stations and density determinations. This work won a national planning award. He has served as community planning director for regional sustainability, transportation and land policy in the greater Charleston, SC, region and the Northwestern Indiana region and has advised regional planning projects in Washington, DC, Maryland, Kansas, New York,and Louisiana. Mr. Thomas holds degrees in management and planning from Antioch University and the University of Oklahoma.

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