About Us

The ArMel Scientifics Center for Technology & Public Policy (ASC) is an independent research entity based in Washington, DC, and Baltimore, Md. We’re also represented internationally.

Our Center operates under the auspices of ArMel Scientifics, a technology incubation venture capital entity founded by the Hon. Aris Melissaratos in 2001. ArMel Scientifics has invested in more than 30 technology ventures. The Center’s work is privately funded. Although Center researchers are and/or have been connected with and have worked with other entities, including universities, our Center isn’t affiliated with any organization except ArMel Scientifics.

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The Center promotes and conducts research and analysis on public policy, economic, cultural and philosophical issues related to scientific and technological innovation. We seek to promote better public understanding and appreciation of the processes of scientific and technological progress. We encourage interdisciplinary discourse.

A significant amount of our work reflects cooperations with researchers at other organizations, and work by Center researchers has been distributed in many countries. We have a global perspective and are interested in international trends and outlooks. We encourage non-partisan discussion enriched by diverse points of view and fields of expertise.

Any opinion expressed by any Center scholar, research associate or intellectual content contributor, in a book, paper, article, interview, blog, website or other form, isn't necessarily the opinion of the Center or of ArMel Scientifics or of any other person associated with the Center or ArMel Scientifics. Nor is any opinion or statement expressed by the Center necessarily shared by any individual or entity associated with the Center.

The Center’s work involves documentary scholarship and discourse among Center researchers. The activities of Center scholars and research associates generate publications in scholarly and mass media as well as private analyses shared among Center researchers. We don’t do research that requires laboratories or engineering workshops. We originate our projects from within, but we’re open to proposals for cooperative research and publishing projects. If you want to propose a project or write to us about any aspect of our work, please see our Contact Us page.