Chuck Wilsker
July 28, 2015

WilskerCharles L. “Chuck” Wilsker, CT&PP Research Associate on Telework, is president of the Telework Coalition (TelCoa), a non-profit research and public education organization based in Washington, DC, which Mr. Wilsker has led since its inception in 2002. Its mission is to promote broad public discussion of the implications of telework and mobile working for government, the private sector and ordinary citizens. TelCoa advocates telework as a significant tool to achieve economic, environmental , employment and social efficiencies and other benefits. TelCoa gathers telework information from across the US, analyzes draft legislation and research, and publishes bulletins, white papers, commentaries and surveys for government policymakers, business leaders, scholars and educators. TelCoa’s website has logged up to 500 000 visitors a month.

A former executive director of the International Telework Association and Council, Mr. Wilsker has served on numerous government and private sector technology policy panels including the national steering committee of the eCommute program run by the US Environmental Protection Agency and US Department of Transportation. He has lectured on telework and teletechnologies under many auspices including the National Institute of Science and Technology and on radio and TV (ABC, PBS, NBC, Fox News). His commentaries have been featured in media such as The Washington Post, USAToday, The Wall Street Journal and, and he has testified as an expert on teletechnology and eCommerce in various legislatures and at the White House.

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